Ant Plant (Myrmecophyte)

One of the first plants that I took on was an Ant Plant. Inspired to get into plants by my partner, I found this specific group of plants incredibly interesting. The way that it has a large portion of the plant lifted out of the ground, and visible roots at the base look both terrifying and astounding.

Myrmecophytes (/mərˈmɛkəfaɪt/; literally “ant-plant”) are plants that live in a mutualistic association with a colony of ants. There are over 100 different genera of myrmecophytes.[1] These plants possess structural adaptations that provide ants with food and/or shelter. These specialized structures include domatiafood bodies, and extrafloral nectaries.[1] In exchange for food and shelter, ants aid the myrmecophyte in pollinationseed dispersal, gathering of essential nutrients, and/or defense.[1] Specifically, domatia adapted to ants may be called

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